About us

About Datamun

Datamun is an initiative to adance knowldege to people.

Our objective is as much about advancing knowledge as it is to challenge what you may think you know about the world where you live in.

Contemporary news keep us informed, but not necessarily in an objective manner. Often biased by personal and political agendas, we are in the hands of those who have a public voice. In recent times, this epidemic has amplflified with the proliferation of social media platforms.

Our goal is to provide country stats so you can determine what really is going on worldwide. 

In this site, you will find the tools and data that will let you make informed decisions about the state of the world economies, health issues, endangered species and much more.

About the Author

Not much to know. I am a father, a husband and a son. A market researcher. An expat.

I have always gone beyond what people told me, challenged and validated any facts presented to me in the pursue of an unbiased truth.